Guns of Icarus Alliance Coming to PS4 with Cross-Platforming

Guns of Icarus Alliance Coming to PS4 with Cross-Platforming

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Some awesome news from Muse Games today as the company announced their steampunk airship battle game Guns of Icarus Alliance will be released on the PS4 on May 1st, and one of the major features to the game will be cross-platform play with PC/Mac/Linus users. Originally just Guns of Icarus for the first two years it existed as one of Steam’s most popular indie titles, the developers expanded the game last year in several areas and even expanded the game’s lore with the Alliance rebranding. Now after several months of testing and planning, its time to set sail into the PlayStation air-seas and offer new players a chance to play with the experienced one. Here’s a brief quote from today’s press release.

“Making the first game to fully provide cross-platform voice chat was a monumental task for the development team, but we knew in order to experience Guns of Icarus the correct way we had to implement it in both the PS4 and PC versions,” said Howard Tsao, Team Lead at Muse Games. “In Guns of Icarus Alliance a team’s successes and failures depends on their communication skills, and our voice chat allows players to become a coordinated unit, regardless of platform.”

I actually have played the game myself over the past couple years, and while the audience has died down a bit, the game has only gotten better with age. Here’s hoping the new game will bring in a new band of players will spice things up, or at the very least, rekindle the awesome 4-player ship battles we used to see in 2015. The game will be on sale for $15 at launch.

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