Possessed? Again? (Suicide Squad #38)

Man, it must be tough living in the DC Universe. All sorts of threats, day in day out, but sometimes you can’t even run away and hide.

And just the other week, the entire world was possessed by Poison Ivy and made to, like, recycle stuff, and not travel in aeroplanes, and cut down on carbs. Disaster.

And today, in Suicide Squad #38, all six million Washingtonians and possessed in a very similar fashion. Also, with the eye colour changing.

Why do your eyes change colour and/or glow when you are possessed? How easy is it to possess millions or billions of people simultaneously?

I mean, is this going to be a regular excuse now? Sorry I couldn’t finish the report, I was possessed and just stood on the street looking up for 36 hours. Sorry I couldn’t pick you up from the airport but the whole town was told to do the hokey cokey. Sorry, I can’t come to work, I have a case of possession, Yes, it is nice for the evil overlord to let me use the phone to tell you isn’t it? He says, yes it is…

What will they do with the President now?

(W) Rob Williams (A) Jos? Luis, Mick Gray (CA) Jorge Jimenez
“TEAR DOWN THE WALL” part one! With the success of the new government-sanctioned program, the Wall, the Squad is facing potential decommissioning from the Wall himself! The team faces down the one-man platoon as their lives hang in the balance.In Shops: Mar 28, 2018
SRP: $2.99

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