PlayStation VR is Getting a Significant Price Drop Tomorrow

PlayStation VR is Getting a Significant Price Drop Tomorrow

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Sony has announced that the PlayStation VR is seeing a significant price drop around the world for its Starter Pack starting tomorrow.

PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR is in an odd spot at the moment. The technology seemingly did well to being with, and while Sony has tried to create compelling content for the headset, thus far it doesn’t feel like that truly killer app has quite landed yet. While the recent release of Moss went down quite well recently, it doesn’t seem the technology has quite taken off as huge as the VR industry was hoping.

Well, Sony are going to try to revitalise sales of the hardware, as it has announced that starting tomorrow, the PlayStation VR Starter Pack is going to be getting a significant price drop around the world. In the US, the headset will go from $399 to $299, in Europe, despite exchange rates, and in the UK from £349 to £259. This will see the hardware at an even more accessible price which was one of the selling points of the headset over other high-end VR headsets already.

This seems like a great price for the hardware. While it’s not quite as powerful as the Oculus Rift or the Vive, the PlayStation VR is a neat little middle ground and for those prices, it seems like an interesting proposition if you are curious. As a big lover of VR and its potential, I definitely think it is worth a look and while it doesn’t quite feel there is the one truly great long-form VR experience yet, there’s plenty of great smaller ones that are worth your time.

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