Is This Sarcastic Script the Only Donald Glover Deadpool We’ll Ever See?

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Much was speculated about FX’s decision to drop the Deadpool animated series developed with Donald Glover, including the theory that Glover’s busy schedule contributed to the decision not to move forward with the cartoon. However, Glover took to Twitter to dispel that particular rumor, and to prove it, he wrote a Deadpool script mocking the series’ cancellation, which may be the most Deadpool thing he could have possibly done in the situation.

“For the record,” Glover wrote in a now-deleted tweet. I wasnt too busy to work on Deadpool.”

The following script, titled “finale, is now the only thing currently posted on Glover’s twitter account, with all other tweets deleted except for one pinned tweet from February advertising his Pharos show in New Zealand:

(tweets deleted)

Glovers tweets made headlines on the New York Times and CNN, amongst other mainstream media outlets, indicating there might just be a market for this thing after all. Hopefully, Marvel is paying attention.

UPDATE: The tweets have since been deleted, but you can read the script pages below:

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