Fortnite Will Be Getting Guided Missiles Soon

A fun surprise popped up today on Fortnite, letting players know that a new weapon would be on the way, as they got a good look at the Guided Missile. Obviously, Epic Games didn’t include any specific details about the weapon, simply the design along with the words “Remote control destruction from above” added to it, as you can see from the picture below. Depending on your interpretation of those words, it could mean one of two things: The first being that you will control the missile while still in third-person mode as it zips across the map at a target, or the second being you’ll somehow go into first-person mode and become the missile, guiding yourself to the target through what would probably be a fake on-board camera view.

Either way, that would be a hell of an item that would help make the fights just a little extra personal and makes the rockets seem inferior as they basically turn into long-ranged blunderbuss weapons while this is the sniper of rockets. About the only thing more powerful they could make would be heat-seeking missiles… Which we can’t wait to see now that we gave Epic Games the idea to make it in the next three months.

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