Destiny 2 Adds the 1.1.4 Update with Speed Boosts and Weapon Buffs

Destiny 2 Adds the 1.1.4 Update with Speed Boosts and Weapon Buffs

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Bungie released their latest update to Destiny 2 today, with 1.1.4 adding in a ton of additions for players before the supposedly massive 1.2.0 update coming this May that will have new content and private matches added to the mix. Below are a few of the details from some of the added and changed abilities in the Sandbox mode, but some items of note from the complete list (which you can read here) includes Titans and Warlocks getting additions speed on some of their actions, most of the weapons in PVE modes getting some additional buffs, shaving 20 seconds off Super regeneration, and the Iron Banner going back to its original form from the first game.

  • Increased Super regeneration rates from 6:40 minutes to 5:00 minutes
  • The output of every increment of the Mobility stat, from 2 – 10, has been increased allowing for a significant boost in player speed
  • Vanishing Step (invisibility upon dodging) and Vanish in Smoke (Smoke Bomb invisibility)
    • Dodging remains unchanged and still breaks both aim assist and projectile tracking for the duration of the actual dodge
    • The invisibility granted by Vanishing Step no longer breaks aim assist or projectile tracking in PvP (unchanged in PvE)
    • Increased the duration of invisibility granted by Vanishing Step by 1 second
    • Increased the duration of Smoke Bomb invisibility by 1 second
  • Increased the movement speed of “melee Supers” (Fist of Havoc, Sentinel Shield, and Arc Staff)
    • While these Supers are active, sprint speed is automatically set to the fastest possible sprint speed (no additional perks needed)
    • Characters automatically sprint when you request forward movement
    • Increased movement acceleration to reach max speed almost instantly

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