You Can Pick Up The Darkness 2 for Free Right Now on PC

You Can Pick Up The Darkness 2 for Free Right Now on PC

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The Darkness 2 is now free to pick up on PC courtesy of Humble Bundle.

The Darkness 2

Humble Bundle seem to be on a big run of giving away games for free. If you’ve been following the company’s offers, you could have amassed a decent library on PC for free. Just last week they were giving away F1 2015, but that is far from the only thing the company has been giving away recently. It seems we are already due another one though, and it’s for a pretty great title.

Humble Bundle are giving away The Darkness 2 on PC, absolutely free. All you have to do head over to their website, sign in or set up a Humble Bundle account and get the code sent to you. Once you have that, all you have to do is activate your code in Steam and you are ready to go. You have about a day to get it done, so do be a little quick about it.

The Darkness 2 is a pretty fun little title to boot. It has a neat story, and certainly leaned into the comic book and outlandish style side of things more so than the original. It’s not quite as good as its predecessor, which was one of the last generation’s best FPS story-driven games, but it certainly taps into the glory and chaos of the concept. On that subject, it’s pretty wild that the original game isn’t available on PC. It really is a fantastic game and I’d love to see it get some work in the future.

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