Blizzard Brings Back the Overwatch World Cup for 2018

After having what would be considered a successful inaugural year in 2018, Blizzard announced today that they would bring back the Overwatch World Cup for 2018 today. A lot of the details as to where and when the events will be held weren’t revealed, simply that they would be happening in France, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States. As to getting involved, Blizzard will be tracking the SR ratings of every player in every country until the end of Season 9, with the top 24 countries qualifying for a spot in the tournament.

From there, much like last year, it’s a fun and complicated system for making up every team that will represent a country, which you can read up on here. Surprisingly, it’s actually harder to become staff than a player, as we’ve taken the liberty to show you below.

  • GM: GMs will be selected by Blizzard. Applications will be accepted, but we also will scour each country for qualified individuals, whether players, talent, or community members. (Application links for all three positions will be provided at a later date.)
  • Coach:
    • Phase 1: Any player with an account in good standing may apply for their national team’s coach position. Candidates will be provided with a custom URL to share, which will allow the top 150 players (by SR) from the candidate’s country of residence to endorse one candidate.
    • Phase 2: We reveal the top three candidates per country, and hold a second, runoff vote, again among the top 150 players. Each player may vote once.
  • Community Lead:
    • Phase 1: This will follow the same process as coach selection, but voting is open to the country’s entire player base. Players may vote for multiple community leads.
    • Phase 2: We reveal each country’s top 10 candidates, and players cast one final vote.

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