Expect Voyager's Story to Continue in Quicksilver: No Surrender - Mark Waid at WonderCon 2018

Expect Voyager’s Story to Continue in Quicksilver: No Surrender – Mark Waid Spotlight at #WonderCon 2018

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Joshua Stone is writing from WonderCon 2018 from Anaheim this weekend. And for this panel, he went ninja…

As a Bleeding Cool writer, I knew that sitting in the front row of the Mark Waid panel probably meant that I had to make sure that I kept my badge turned backwards the entire time. Even though Waid has had some problems with Bleeding Cool in the past, I have always enjoyed his panels — but the Spotlight on Mark Waid panel was not one where I wanted to be noticed. Thankfully there were no unpleasantries, and Waid did not disappoint.

Waid started by talking about his upcoming run on Doctor Strange, coming in June, and said it will be pick up off his Strange miniseries from 2010. The titular doctor will look to rescue his apprentice that was lost in that miniseries.

Waid was asked about the future of Voyager after the Avengers: No Surrender storyline ends. Waid didn’t want to get into it too much, but he said to expect Voyager’s story to continue in the Quicksilver: No Surrender miniseries that kicks off in May.

Waid discussed his current run on Captain America being his fourth run on the book, but that he wouldn’t have done it without Chris Samnee. Samnee wanted to do the book, and since they had so much fun on Daredevil, Waid decided yes, he could do six issues.

An audience member asked Waid, “why comics?” Waid said that as a teenager his life wasn’t the best — at home or school. It was a very dark time for him. Then on January 26th, 1979, Waid saw Superman in the theaters, and saw through it two times back to back. After leaving the theater he decided whatever he did the rest of his life he wanted it to involve Superman, because Superman cared about everyone.

Waid was asked whether he had a bucket list character. He said first Superman, but that he would eat bees to write Shazam, and that he would also like to write Green Arrow.

An audience member asked what Waid was reading now. Waid said anything by Brian K. Vaughan, but he said:

“My favorite comic book coming out right now — and this will be no one’s favorite comic book but mine — is Neal Adams‘s Deadman. Because it makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. It is plot-wise a complete and utter train wreck, and yet I cannot take my eyes away from it. Neal was my artist growing up; Neal was the first I ever looked at as a kid going, ‘that guy’s awesome,’ and he’s still awesome.”

Waid also said he’d like to work with Adams someday.

So that was it. No drama… yet.

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