Get Spooky with the Echo Keyword from Hearthstone: The Witchwood

hearthstone The Witchwood

One of the new changes coming to Hearthstone in the Witchwood expansion is the Echo. The new keyword has some spooky applications, allowing you to continue to re-use cards as long as you have enough mana. So any creature tagged with Echo can be constantly resurrected every time it gets knocked down. So, it’ll keep repeating until you run out of mana, just like an echo will keep going until you can’t hear it any more.

Hearthstone‘s Senior Designer Peter Whalen hosts the latest Hearthside Chat episode, going into the Echo, how it came to be, what it might have been had development not gone in another direction, and how to best utilize the powers of the Echo. there’s also some general behind-the-scenes information for The Witchwood in this video.

Much like the previous Hearthside Chat, this is a must-watch for Hearthstone players who want to have their meta game in top form once the expansion launches. The previous Hearthside Chat goes into the even-and-odd-cost decks, while this one focuses on the new gameplay mechanic. The Witchwood is also going to be the subject of a livestream on Monday, March 26 at 11:00 a.m. (PT) on the Hearthstone Twitch Channel.

You can watch the new Hearthside Chat episode below.

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