Detroit: Become Human Gets 3 Trailers to Show Off Its Protagonists

Detroit: Become Human Gets 3 Trailers to Show Off Its Protagonists

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Sony has put out three small trailers showing off Detroit: Become Human and all of the game’s playable protagonists.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is sneaking up on us. We still have a little time until the title is dropped, but it’s only a few weeks away until we can play the new narrative driven game from Quantic Dream. The game is a multi-focused story about a robot uprising and the political and personal problems that are bound to crop up in stories such as these. As players, we will be navigating those subjects with our own decisions and choices.

In the game, we will play three different androids, each with a different focus on the uprising. To show them off, Sony has put out three new trailers, one for each character. The first, Connor, is a detective robot and one of the most advanced models. He seems very focused on working with the establishment. The second is Kara, who seemingly only has a personal stake in the events in the game, more worried about looking after a little girl than the political goings-on. The third character, Markus seems to be taught by a mentor who seemingly warns him about the nature of humans. From other materials, we know Markus is one of the key revolutionaries in the game. You can check out the trailers here:

Seeing how these three interact and shape the world should be interesting in the way Quantic Dream games are. Multiple protagonists are going to be a big juggling act, especially ones with such varying interests, for the team so seeing if they can pull off that blend will be a huge question coming into the game. It seems ambitious. Hopefully, it pays off.

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