Dauntless Gets that UI Face-lift We've Been Waiting For in Latest Update

Dauntless Gets that UI Face-lift We’ve Been Waiting For in Latest Update

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Dauntless may be in closed beta, but one of its major difficulties was the faulty almost piece-meal UI. However, as Phoenix Labs brings the game closer and closer to its Open Beta state, the UI is getting a necessary overhaul. Part of the run up to Open Beta is just the completion of art assets, island traversal features, and weapon overhauls. And the UI has to change to reflect that. This isn’t the final version of the game’s UI, but it is a great deal closer to what we’ll see on launch day.

Phoenix Labs detailed the changes in their latest blog post, but the general gist of it is pretty simple. The interface has been designed to put all the information you need right in one easy to understand graphic, specifically, by giving you a health and ability bar that’s up in the corner and out of your way, but easy to keep track of.. You can see it above, including a new radial menu designed to make playing Dauntless on gamepad much, much easier to do. This was done specifically to make sure that the Open Beta phase of the game comes with full controller support, so if isn’t text-input or store related, you can use a gamepad for it. Those are the two big changes coming with the March game update.

In addition, thanks to community requests, we’re seeing some other UI changes including the following:

  • Customization and Cosmetics: Get in. Get stylish. Get out. We’re working to make customizing your Slayer quick and simple.
  • Colour Blind friendly: Did you know 4.5% of the world population has some type of colour blindness? We’re working to make Dauntless more accomodating.
  • Buff and Debuff Icons: Status effects radically impact the way you Slay. We’re making their icons and effects more obvious.
  • Transmog: Expect to see more details on vanity and Evergame cosmetics in the near future. For now, know that we’re working to get Transmog in sooner rather than later!
  • Quick crafting: The quick-click potion crafting mini game will be coming to an end as we allow players to create consumable items in bulk.
  • Rebindable Keys: Whether it’s because you’re using an atypical keyboard or you just have your own ideas about what’s comfortable, we’re working to give you the ability to remap keys.

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