Hori Makes a Switch Joy-Con With a Proper D-Pad

Hori Makes a Switch Joy-Con With a Proper D-Pad

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Have you ever played with the Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Cons connected and wished they just created a proper D-Pad for the device? Well, it looks like Hori is going to fill that void that Nintendo left open. As you can see from the picture below, Hori has made their own proper Joy-Con with a D-Pad included, that works exactly like one made by Nintendo… almost. First off, it only works when attached to the console, which makes sense as it’s part of the design to be used when you’re holding it as a handheld device. It also doesn’t come with the acceleration or vibration additions, nor will it have the gyro sensor in case you use it for games like Mario Kart.

Beyond that, its good to go as a standard piece of gear so you have a traditional Nintendo product feel with a D-Pad on the left side. If you’d like to buy one, the current price listed on their Japanese site is ¥2,678, which rounds out to about $25.36. There’s no right-side version, in case you’re wondering, so you’re basically paying another company about $25 less for an addition that Nintendo probably should have had on their product from the start.

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