Fanboy Wrampage: Podcast One Drops Vince Russo Amidst Feud with Wrestling Journalists

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Another day, another tumultuous upheaval in the ongoing storyline of former WWE Attitude Era lead writer Vince Russo. When we last checked in with Russo, he had filed a restraining order against Jim Cornette for stalking after Cornette challenged Russo to a fight with a $5,000 prize. More recently, Russo has been feuding with Pro Wrestling Sheet journalist Ryan Satin, mocking a social media video of Satin and his girlfriend on his podcast, which escalated into further social media feuding, which Satin says prompted Russo’s fans to send death threats and harass his girlfriend. Satin called on the podcast network that syndicates Russo’s show, Podcast One, to censure him on Tuesday.

Russo, for his part, tweeted:

But suddenly, on Wednesday:

And then announced on his podcast that he had been dropped by Podcast One:

Russo has, since then, been sending out copies of this tweet at least once per hour:

Satin thanked Podcast One for dropping Russo:

While Russo added later that, actually, Podcast One was just kidding, and they weren’t dropping him, but he was like no, you can’t fire me, I quit:

Meanwhile, another journalist, Deadspin’s David Bixenspan, took to Twitter to applaud Podcast One’s decision and level more allegations against Russo.

Well, that was more action than a Judy Bagwell on a poll match! Russo has yet to respond to Bixenspan’s tweets, and Bixenspan has since set his Twitter account to “protected.” Russo continues to promote his podcast on RELM Network, and went live Thursday morning to ask his “bros” to stick by him:

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