Nothing on the Super Sons #14 Cover Appears Inside the Comic (SPOILERS)

Nothing on the Super Sons #14 Cover Appears Inside the Comic (SPOILERS)

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This is the cover to Super Sons #14, out today. It features the prone body of Jonathan Kent, Superboy, with Damian Wayne, Robin and his mother Talia Al’Ghul standing over them, with Damian declaring that Superboy is dead and presenting the body to his mother.

I don’t know what I just typed that, you can see it yourself.

The thing is… nothing like that occurs in the comic at all. There is conflict involving the figures, but at no point in the comic does anything think Superboy is dead. At no point does Damian present Superboy to Talia in this fashion. Indeed, at no point is Talia made aware of Superboy’s existence, save for one blur that proves that Superboy is…


And nothing of the cover relationship between Damian and Talia is suggested.

It’s Damian who gets kicked to the floor. But he doesn’t play dead either.

It may not be a given that the front cover has to reflect the insides of the comic. But actively presenting something as happening that totally doesn’t, not even thematically? It’s a bit of a weird one… almost as if Tom King was in charge of designing it.

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert (CA) Jorge Jimenez
“MOTHER’S DAY” part two! Talia al Ghul is back in Damian’s life, for better and for worse! As the world’s deadliest mom forces Robin to make the ultimate choice between his past and future, Superboy finds himself caught in the middle. But the specter of Damian’s murderous past life has shaken the bond between the Super Sons, and the body count is far from final.In Shops: Mar 21, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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