Tower of Time Will Finally Leave Early Access This April

If you’ve been digging on the RPG Tower of Time that’s currently in Early Access, we got wonderful news for you. The game will be leaving Early Access for a full release on April 14th. As part of the effort to bring it out, the publisher Event Horizon has added a pre-release update that will tweak a few things and get the game ready for more people to join in. Below is a snippet of the details, which you can read in full here.

Party Alignment

At certain moments in game, your party will face an important choice. Your champions’ personalities are different and they have (perhaps) their own hidden agendas. As you progress deeper, your champions will diverge.
In such critical moments you can let your champions decide for themselves or impose your will by the power of the crystal throne. Careful though, no one likes to feel like a puppet.

These choices are not only dialogue options – party alignment will have an impact on combat as well. If your champions support you, they will support each other in combat too, granting powerful buffs. If not, then they will reduce everyone’s combat effectiveness.

Skills and Skill Tree

Skill tree and individual skills are adjusted, based on intense balancing efforts. There are too many changes to list here, but we followed this idea in principal – each of your champion is unique and his skillset has to be unique as well.

Each skill has two different enhancement paths, one which strengthens the effect of the skill and second which might change its nature.

We added few new skill mechanics, e.g. damage reflection. If you miss this and don’t adjust your tactics, your champions can literally kill themselves now. Similarly, apply this enchant on your champions and see enemies’ health goes down.

Finally, we still have only one fireball in the entire skill tree. Mission accomplished.

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