Hot Topic's New Riverdale Eyeshadow Palette, Perfect for a Chock'lit Shoppe Date!

Hot Topic’s New Riverdale Eyeshadow Palette is Perfect for a Chock’lit Shoppe Date!

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Hot Topic has been putting out by far the best Riverdale merchandise. From cosplay items to house wares and even cosmetics, they’ve covered a fair share of what fans want. Now, this isn’t Archie’s first foray into makeup. In 2013, MAC released the limited edition Archie’s Girls line, which to this day is still my end-all-be-all favorite makeup line. I seriously bought everything from the collection — I have no regrets.

But I’m not here to talk about old makeup that I still use way past its expiration date. No, I’m here to tell you about new makeup that is also just as fabulous!

The packaging is based off of the River Vixens uniform, and the colors are perfect. The colors are classic, not over-the-top shades, and they all have appropriate names to go with them:

My Specialty Is Ice
I Love You Betty Cooper
Chock’lit Shoppe
Ginger Stalion
Cherry Blossom
I’m A Weirdo
River Vixen
Dark Betty

I didn’t bother with the brush that’s included, but I appreciate the effort. Instead I used my Archie’s Girls brushes from MAC, for obvious reasons.

For starters, the pigment is fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of Hot Topic’s eye shadows because of how pigmented they are, and they blend beautifully well. You can create a fun daytime look, or you can go more dramatic for an evening out. Paired with black eyeliner and big, full lashes (I don’t wear false lashes, so I can’t point you in the direction of some good ones) and you can easily recreate any of your Riverdale heroines’ looks.

Overall, this is a great buy. Ready to pick up your own? Check it out here!

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