The Charlie Brown Reboot You Never Knew You Needed is Back on Kickstarter for Weapon Brown: Aftershock

Jason Yungbluth first Kickstarted a graphic novel collection of Weapon Brown, his webcomic detailing the post-apocalyptic adventures of a grown-up Charlie Brown and other popular old school comic strip characters, in 2013. The comic went on to be a hit, so much so that Yungbluth is now out of stock and needs to print more. To fund it, he’s created a follow-up comic, Weapon Brown: Aftershock.

A mysterious wasteland prophet wanders into a dusty trading post, bringing news of a world reborn. But the townsfolk are more interested in hearing his stories of the legendary Weapon Brown, the one-armed army-of-one. Around the campfire they listen to his tales, but one of them knows more about Weapon Brown than he is letting on.

The 48-page epilogue to the original story is available on Kickstarter now, with less than three days to go. In addition to getting your hands on Weapon Brown: Aftershock, various backer levels also entitle you to copies of the original 416-page graphic novel and other rewards. As Yungbluth writes on the Kickstarter page:

Weapon Brown is an action parody, a lampoon of the post-apocalyptic genre which utilizes a cast made up entirely of characters borrowed from the most famous newspaper comic strips of all time. For legal reasons I cannot tell you that Weapon Brown stars bad ass, grown-up versions of Charlie Brown, Calvin & Hobbes, Orphan Annie, Huey Freeman and a hundred other pieces of lawsuit bait, but it does. (Oh shit. Now I REALLY need that money!)

The thick, 416-page graphic novel contains the complete saga of ex-super soldier Chuck, aka “Weapon Brown”, and his loyal mutt Snoop as they walk a ravaged future hellscape looking for revenge and redemption. The book features the chunky main story, additional short stories, pin-ups, annotations, sketch book pages and more!

Head over to Kickstarter to order digital or physical copies of Weapon Brown and Weapon Brown: Aftershock, or to view the other rewards.

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