Overwatch Shows Off the Artwork That Went Into Brigitte

Before the Overwatch crew adds Brigitte to the game this Tuesday, March 20th, the art department decided to show off a couple things for fans who are curious how the design of the 27th hero came about. In their latest “Inside The Art” video, we get a quick chat with Ben Zhang, the lead concept artist for the game as he goes over the evolution of Brigitte and how they transformed the support tank into an amazing iron-clad warrior. It’s kind of interesting to see the character change from her initial introduction in the comics to the final version we see below.

The most interesting design by far is the Engineer look, which is going to be one of the 1,000 coin skins, where she is modeled more off of her father Torbjörn than her mentor and trainer Reinhardt. It’s also kind of cool to see her Paladin outfit as they took her into the other direction, which was basically being a squire to Reinhardt with her own silver metal armor with yellow highlights. There’s also a 1,000 coin version of that skin with a Dark Knight look to it in her collection. It’s interesting to watch from an artistic viewpoint how those two concepts came together to form the hero we’ve been playing with on the PTR.

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