Nintendo Will Fix the Common Blade Bug in Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Next Update

When the most recent update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 hit the Nintendo Switch, it came with a big that’s been persistently annoying for fans to the point where they’ve taken to social media in droves. The bug, which also affects the New Game Plus mode that was added in the patch, causes some common blades to vanish without a trace. The bug is very random and has become the bane of some player’s existence, but Nintendo took to Twitter this weekend to let people know they were on the case and it would be fixed in the next patch update.

Beyond the words “end of March”, no target date was given. Nor were there any notes about what else the next patch may bring or fix. If you’re one of the many who are mad and don’t know what to do with the game while it’s happening, might we suggest taking two weeks off and playing another game until the patch comes around?

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