You can Now Edit Your Monster Hunter: World Character with a Voucher

You can Now Edit Your Monster Hunter: World Character with a Voucher

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If you’ve been staring at your Monster Hunter: World character thinking you really hate that character design, well you’re in luck. Capcom is rolling out vouchers to let you edit your hunter’s appearance.

Next week’s Monster Hunter update brings a ton of new balance changes as well as a new monster to hunt: Deviljho. In preparation for the launch, Capcom is giving players a single character editor voucher. The voucher is a single-use item, all subsequent hunter changes will require a payment though we don’t have a lot of details on when that feature will go live or how much it will cost.

So you might want to make the most of this one free chance. The voucher does not let you change your name or your Palico, so you are sadly stuck with those. However, you can now make your monster hunter’s face much less punch-able. It just might save your life, or not.

If you’re fully satisfied with your hunter’s appearance, well, you can hoard that voucher and wait for the day you decide you really need a pink mohawk. Because that day will absolutely come.

PlayStation 4 players can download the voucher here, while Xbox One monster hunters can pick it up here.

The Deviljho update and accompanying gear comes March 22nd. The Spring Festival will begin on April 5th and end on April 19th.

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