World of Warcraft Dataminers Uncover New Druid Werebears, and Even Some Spoilers

World of Warcraft Dataminers Uncover New Druid Werebears, and Even Some Spoilers

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Blizzard hasn’t released much information about the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion The Battle for Azeroth, but WoW dataminers have hit the game’s alpha data pretty hard, and uncovered some interesting new assets and bits of NPC speech. One of the new races coming with BfA is the fox race Vulpera, who just might be a new playable race.

According to a report on GamesRadar:

Since the alpha launched in January, loads of datamining has been related to the new fox-like race, the Vulpera. It was obvious from the start that the Vulpera used the same skeleton as Goblins, but then more and more evidence came piling on. They have a reputation tracker (one of the things needed to unlock an allied race). They have male and female customization options. They have unique animations.

Now, we don’t know for sure if you’ll be able to create a Vulpera character, but if you can, they’re freaking adorable. And I will be one of the first on that train.

Another new find is the possibility of an Alliance race to balance out the Horde’s new Zandalari Trolls. The Zandalari will be a fully playable race, so getting a new Alliance race makes sense. It serves to balance the expansion and give the Zandalari a foil to either compare or contrast with, depending on the specifics.

From GamesRadar:

Fan site and database Wowhead produced a particularly comprehensive argument regarding the possibility of an Alliance counterpoint to the Zandalari. They started paying more attention to the lore and NPCs, eventually coming across Kul Tiran humans who seemed to have a particularly strong connection to nature and druidic magic. Perhaps the Alliance’s answer to the Zandalari Druids and their sweet dinosaur forms would be Kul Tiran human Druids and forms inspired by the wicker beasts that roamed the land.

And wouldn’t you know it, just this week datamining uncovered a Kul Tiran bear form for Druids.

As we don’t know much about the Zandalari either, it’s hard to say if the Kul Tiran will serve as their proper counterpoint. However, this find at least absolves Blizzard of being biased toward the Hoarde.

You can see the new possible druid bears asset as the header image for this post, and yeah, they look pretty darn sweet.

Finally, we have the possible story spoilers. I’ll keep things as vague as I can, but do be warned, possible game spoilers lie ahead.

spoiler Monday Night Raw

Many lines of “broadcast” NPC dialogue have been uncovered. These are bits of conversation that will be shouted at you by NPCs, and has been datamined and uncovered by Alpha players, which hint at some serious betrayals coming our way.

From GamesRadar:

In the most recent datamine, broadcast text suggests that Saurfang (the de facto leader of the Orcs) is leaving the Horde. Considering the faction was started by the Orcs, that’s pretty dang big. “I have stopped counting the days I have sat in this cell. It has, however, given me a great deal of time to reflect,” he tells players when they attempt to rescue him from an Alliance prison. “You think you are here to take me back to Orgrimmar. Back to the Warchief. You are mistaken. After all she has done, I will never return to her Horde. … Make sure you know the difference between loyalty and honor. And pray you never have to choose.”
Honestly, seeing some major shakeups coming with Battle for Azeroth is a good thing. World of Warcraft has been running for over a decade at this point, and as great as it might be, MMOs can get a bit stale without some massive overhuals. So having a huge betrayal come to light in the expansion and having the combat system revamped can only be good news.
World of Warcraft could use some new life, after all.

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