Sea of Thieves Gets a Launch Trailer Showing Off Pirate-y Fun

Sea of Thieves Gets a Launch Trailer Showing Off Pirate-y Fun

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Rare and Microsoft have celebrated the impending release of Sea of Thieves by putting out a new launch trailer.

Sea of Thieves

I’m really interested in seeing how Sea of Thieves does for Xbox. The game has shown well in several alphas and betas. There was ample opportunity to check out the game and it seems many of you did. The title has hit the top of Twitch during betas and interest seems to be high, and with it being such a playground for hijinks that are hilarious to watch, it’s not hard to see why either.

All the speculation as to whether Rare is going to be back to its glory days are about to come to a head soon too. The game is set to release next week on March 20, 2018, with players finally being unleashed on the high seas with their friends. Even though we’ve gotten a lot of looks at the game already, here is one more to hold you over until Tuesday. The game has just gotten a launch trailer, showing off all the fun you will be getting up to. From chasing pigs to blowing up other players to fighting skeletons, it’s all in here. There is even a neat look at the Kraken too. Take a look:

I’m genuinely excited about the potential of Sea of Thieves. I adore the world and concept from what I’ve played and now the real hope is that the game’s systems and loops are compelling. Hopefully, the title brings enough to the table to play for a long time to come. Even if not though, a game where you can exist as a pirate and do as you please on the sea still has an appeal when the game looks this charming. Here’s hoping.

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