Let’s Take a Look at the Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th, and toy shelves and stores are bombarded with product right now. One of the main events for collectors, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends wave 1 for the film, features four MCU versions of characters, along with three comic related figures. Collect them all and you can build the MCU version of the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. I was really excited for this wave — and while a mixed bag, ultimately this is one worth buying.

Let’s start with the comic figures. Songbird and King Cobra are the new figures of the three, with an updated Taskmaster to boot. Songbird is on the female buck we have seen as of late in this line, which is a good thing. She is easy to pose and stands pretty well — as long as you don’t have her wing effect attached. Then she gets a bit weighed down onto the backs of her feet in certain poses. It also doesn’t like to stay very straight. It looks cool, but ends up being a bit cumbersome.

King Cobra should be pretty familiar to collectors who have the latest version of Green Goblin, as they reuse a lot of the parts here. The Serpent Society leader gets a really awesome headsculpt and cape, though, and they really make the figure pop on a display. He is not all that exciting to pose, however. A welcome addition for sure, but a little boring overall.

The standout here and in the entire wave is definitely Taskmaster. This may be the best figure they’ll release all year. Everything is perfect, from the paint aps to the headsculpt. It looks like the figure walked right off the cover to Avengers #196. The shield is perfect, he has a wide range of motion, and he stands perfectly in any pose. The eyes always go to the head, and the intricate details on the head are as good as the recent Ghost Rider release. Just sheer perfection.

Now, the MCU Infinity War figures. Yes, there is another Iron Man figure. This is, unfortunately, the worst figure of the wave. It feels light and cheap, and while it features interchangeable hands, those hands are molded and locked in place. It makes posing the figure awkward and made me hate the thing. The other three, however, are great. Proxima Midnight is as tall as the BAF and features a great textured look with the coolest sculpt of the four. She looks menacing and tough as nails. Great figure.

Captain America may be one of the better ones they have ever done. No, the likeness is not perfect, but it is closer to Chris Evans than past figures have been. The joints on mine are just the right amount of lose for easy posing, and his new arm shield is pretty easy to get him to hang on to. Spider-Man on the other hand has two major issues- stiff as a board and is desperate need of an extra set of hands. I love the Iron Spider suit, it is a great look. But man does he look weird with two thwip hands constantly. A real shame there.

Once they are all open, you can build Thanos from his appearance in Infinity War. In the first pics, people dinged this figure for the headsculpt, but in person it looks awesome. The head looks a touch too small for the rest of the body, but other than that this figure rocks. He is bulky and massive in stature to the other figures, and I appreciate that. The gauntlet is well sculpted, and that is arguably the most important thing for them to get right in this whole wave. This blows away the comic Thanos BAF from a couple years ago, although they re-released that one as a Walmart exclusive that is a little better this month.

Overall this is a great wave of figures. There is a second Infinity War wave and many exclusives coming in the next few months, but this was a great way to kick it all off. The best part is that you do not have to buy that not-so-great Iron man to build Thanos, as he does not come with a BAF piece. If you want to add these to your collection, they are in stores now, or you can order yourself a case right here.

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