Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War Gets an Update with New Jobs and Maps

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War Gets an Update with New Jobs and Maps

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Ubisoft just dropped a brand new update into Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost War, which will give players three new jobs to take on, along with a new assignment and two new maps for them to explore. You get two new Marksman classes with the Trapper and the Stalker, the first of which is more for helping your team mark where stuff already is including downed opponents, while the second plays more as a passive assassin. The third is a Support class job called Guerrilla, who basically has a drone that shoots smoke grenades and can help get you unmarked if you’re in the smoke. The update also comes with a ton of bug fixes that have been with the game since launch and a few that came with previous updates, so that should make it just a little more enjoyable.


– Tech: The Tech’s jammer will not appear on the HUD for the enemy team anymore, as this was giving away the Tech’s position. Now the Tech can safely place a jammer without being exposed.

– Mine Defusing: We have introduced the ability for players to defuse enemy mines. By approaching the mine while prone, the mine’s detonation range is reduced, allowing you to safely get closer to the mine until the “defuse” prompt appears. Defusing a mine will remove it without alerting its owner.


– Ruins Map: We have reworked the Ruins map to improve its balance. The playable area has been expanded, we added more cover for crossing certain key locations and we relocated most objects on the map, including the spawn locations.

– Institute Map: We changed the Attackers spawn position to add more variety to the map, and moved the hostage cages closer to each other so the Defenders team can move faster from one hostage to the other.


– Penalties: Penalty timeouts have been reduced, as they were too long and severely punished players who were experiencing connection issues.

– Prestige Credits: There was a big discrepancy between players with high Prestige level and players with low Prestige level, concerning the amount of Prestige Credits they earned per level-up. To address this, we now award a flat value of 215 Prestige Credits, no matter the Prestige level (the total sum remains the same). We also gave players the extra amount of Prestige Credits they should have earned with this new system in place, so that everyone now has the correct amount.

– New Tutorial Info: Our tutorials have been updated to include changes to existing features and the introduction of our new classes. Knowledge is power, so make sure you read them!

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