Epic Games Puts Out Trailer For Fortnite On Phones

Epic Games Puts Out Trailer For Fortnite On Phones

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Epic Games has put out a trailer for the mobile version of Fortnite, selling how the game will look.


I’ve been fascinated by the news that Fortnite is set to come to phones in a no-compromises port. The idea of playing a current console or PC grade level game on a mobile device is the kind of thing many dreamed about for a long time, and while the game isn’t a game to push your high-end graphics card, it’s still an impressive feat. What’s even more interesting though is that crossplay that will be available between PC, Xbox and mobile. It’s going to have to be an impressive balancing act to make it a great experience for everyone.

Well, you can now get your first look of the game in action with this new trailer for the version. Put out by Epic Games, it’s only a small little teaser but allegedly shows off iPhone X gameplay. It looks impressive. It more or less looks like a normal game of Fortnite but on a phone, which is an exciting prospect. Take a look:

Now, of course, the real test will come when people are out there playing it and showing off the footage themselves. This comes directly from Epic to try and sell the game, so I am curious as to exactly what this thing looks and plays like in moment to moment play. It shouldn’t be long until footage of just that starts getting out there as signs up are currently live on iOS devices. Still, this is an impressive first impression.

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