Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Broly Gets New Trailer

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Broly Gets New Trailer

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One of Dragon Ball FighterZ upcoming characters Broly has been shown off in a new trailer highlighting his moves and play style.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The release of Dragon Ball FighterZ seemingly been a huge success. The game has seen critical and community praise for its accessible fighting mechanics and eye-catchingly gorgeous art style. In many ways, it’s the Dragon Ball fighting game many have dreamed about for years. The fact it has a great roster of characters certainly helps too. That roster is set to expand further soon too as Bardock and Broly are joining the fight.

One of those characters has just gotten a new trailer too. Bandai Namco has released footage of Broly showing off the brawler’s hulking frame. The trailer is relatively short, but you can get a sense of the moves and style of fighter here. He is clearly one of, if not the biggest character on the roster and it seems his moveset is about throwing your opponent around with close ranges and powerful attacks. You can see Goku get messed by his moveset in the video below:

It’s good to see the roster already growing for the game as it’s likely that the community has now got a pretty good handle on the characters and who they like to play. Throwing a brand new threat in there is bound to stir the pot a little. There is no release date on Broly or Bardock just yet, but since Broly got the trailer, one has to imagine he isn’t far off.

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