What If Your Character With The Best Lines Hasn't Got a Name? (Black Bolt #11 Spoilers)

What If Your Character With The Best Lines Hasn’t Got a Name? (Black Bolt #11 Spoilers)

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Remember when Marvel comics started with everyone standing around calling everyone by their name so that the reader knew who was who? And how, it always seemed really false, and even more so mow as the books are collected together?

Marvel got around that in recent days with the recap page, often listing all the characters involved in the story. But not every comic book does that.

Take the recent Black Bolt #11 by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward, a critically acclaimed and very beautiful comic book. But who is everyone?

Take these Inhuman members of Lash’s The Tribe, fleeing the battle.

Now we know Sheath, we met her in The Tribe’s first appearance in New Warriors four years ago.

That’s her. Lash says her name and everything. And so does her fellow Inhuman member of The Tribe… except, what’s he called?

This might have been him in a previous issue…

But he didn’t say much then. He remain unnamed, but you know what?

He gets the best lines.

And before you know it, he and and Sheath have the place to themselves.

We know he lives in Patterson. But nothing else. Could he be the Rosencrantz to Sheath’s Guildenstern? And what kind of name is ‘Sheath’ anyway, except for an old name for condom? Maybe our mysterious Tribe member could be called Rubber? He does seem to have a rubbery costume in his earlier appearance…

Time to find out. I went to ask Black Bolt writer Saladin… and got an answer.

Furball it is. Marvel character wiki contributors can cite Bleeding Cool freely now…

(W) Saladin Ahmed (A/CA) Christian Ward
• The Jailer returns!
•  Black Bolt thought he had escaped the alien prison where he was tortured in his brother’s place. But no one escapes their penance – not even the Midnight King.
•  Even without his mighty voice, Black Bolt has a few tricks up his sleeve. But will they be enough to save his young companion Blinky – or himself?
Rated T+In Shops: Mar 07, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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