OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Gets a Release Date for Nintendo Switch

A quick and unexpected announcement today as Sigono Inc. decided to officially announced when OPUS: Rocket of Whispers would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and the date is a little bit sooner than you think. The company released this trailer below along with the info that the game will officially come to console on March 22nd, with pre-orders starting on March 15th with a 10% discount on the game prior to launch. The game has already seen pretty good success on Steam, and the format fits right it with the Switch’s system and portability. For those who haven’t played it, we have a description of the game from the devs below. Enjoy the trailer!

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers takes place in a distant world that was brought to its knees by an apocalyptic plague. Earthbound spirits now wander the ruins of their homeland, unable to move on to the afterlife. The story centers around John, the son of a rocket engineer, and Fei, a witch who awoke from twenty years of cryogenic sleep. Together, they must gather what little material they can find to build a rocket, and launch a space burial to return the wandering souls to their final resting place.

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