Fortnite: Battle Royale iOS Pre-Registration is Now Open

Fortnite: Battle Royale iOS Pre-Registration is Now Open

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Epic Games is bringing Fortnite to mobile platforms, and iOS users will be the first to get a shot at the game. The Fornite Inivite Event is currently open for sign-up, which will allow iOS users to be put on the Fortnite Invite waiting list. If you do sign up, you’ll receive an email alert informing you when you can play the game.

Fortnite‘s move to mobile platforms was announced last week, which penned the iOS release in before the Android release. Android players will be able to get in on the free-for-all action of Fortnite Battle Royale sometime in the next couple of months.

Epic Games has confirmed that the game will support cross-platform play between PC, PlayStation 4, Mac, and mobile. The game will also have cross-platform play between PC, Xbox One, Mac, and mobile. And if Phil Spencer gets his way, Fortnite might be the first to have proper cross-console platform support between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Senior systems designer, Eric Williamson discussed the mobile expansion Reddit, and confirmed that mobile players will not be able to utilize controllers with the iOS and Android versions of the game. “Controllers on mobile will be disabled initially until we decide how to keep it fair. Maybe place those players in the same matchmaking bucket as PS4 players?” he said.

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