BHP Signs Up Killtopia for Release at Thought Bubble 2018

BHP Signs Up Killtopia for Release at Thought Bubble 2018

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Scottish publisher BHP Comics has signed up comic creators Dave Cook and Craig Paton’s new series Killtopia after a very successful Kickstarter campaign that blew past 400% of their goal.

Promising bonus art pieces by Darick Robertson, Caspar Wijngaard, Tom Foster and Gary Erskine, Killtopia joins other BHP series including Rok Of The Reds, Mighty Women Of Science and Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles.

The comic will launch at leading UK comic festival, Thought Bubble in September this year. A second book will then publish next year.

Killtopia #1 takes place in a futuristic Japanese metropolis, ten years after a cataclysm destroyed the city’s Sector K district. Known today as ‘Killtopia’ the district has become overgrown with alien plantlife and is terraformed by a race of violent robots referred to by humans as ‘Mechs.’

Corporations, the military and gangsters pay bounty hunters called Wreckers to go into Killtopia, destroy Mechs and bring back their precious advanced tech in exchange for money and fame. Our hero is a rookie Wrecker called Shinji, who hunts Mechs to pay for his dying sister’s medical care. She has a terrible nano-virus known as The Rot.

Stiletto addresses her adoring fans in the slums.
One day Shinji stumbles across the world’s first thinking, sentient Mech called Crash that has the power to decode and rewrite Mechs. It doesn’t take long for word to get out about Crash’s existence. When it does, Shinji and Crash must outrun every low-life, Wrecker and Yakuza mob in the neon-scorched city to avoid the bounty on their heads.

Their plan is simple: Use Crash’s code to cure the world of The Rot before it takes on a more deadly form – all while escaping death at the hands of crazed android killers, mecha-Kaijus, virtual reality demons and augmented samurai.

Simple. (Right?)

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