Tomb Raider 1-3 Getting Remastered with Free Copies to Previous Owners

If you haven’t heard the cool news yet, the first three Tomb Raider games made back in the ’90s are getting a remaster from Realtech VR for Steam. The company revealed some really cool news on Twitter that actually got buried until a few different outlets picked it up this weekend. As you can see from the tweet below, if you own any of the original versions on Steam, you’ll get the newly remastered versions for free.

I remember playing the originals in all their blocky goodness, so seeing a remastered version is quite a sight. There’s already a mobile remaster version of the first two games on mobile from the company, and if the Steam versions turn out even half as good, they’ll still be an improvement over the originals. There’s currently no release date set for any of the games yet, but that at least gives you time to go buy the originals and prepare to get the new ones down the road.

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