Superman's Past Has, Apparently, Come to Destroy Superman's Future, Courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis

So we get a big picture for Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, and friends' Man of Steel six-issue weekly mini-series beginning on May 30th, ahead of Action Comics #1000 and yet another Superman #1. And we have a tagline.

"Superman's past has come to destroy his future." Well, I mean, that's just rude.

For a start, what is Superman's past doing right here, right now, trying to destroy Superman's future? Superman's past should stay where it is — Superman's future can destroy itself all very well and good, thank you very much.

What if Superman's future decided to take revenge on Superman's past? Superman's past thinks it's safe because anything Superman's future does to Superman's past will negatively impact Superman's future. It's a tricky one. But all Superman's future has to do is stab itself in Superman's future's stupid-looking face and eventually, Superman's past will catch up to it.

Maybe Superman's past should just stay where it is, stop trying to destroy Superman's future, and content itself with settling down in front of an episode of Golden Girls with an orange whip to sip.

But I suppose then Bendis wouldn't have a story to write.

Go ahead then, Superman's past. Go ahead and destroy Superman's future; see if we care. Just know that one day, Superman's past, you'll regret it.

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