Valve Say PUBG Is Steam’s Third Largest Selling Game Ever

During a presentation, Valve’s Gabe Newell revealed that PUBG is Steam’s third biggest selling game of all time.

credit//PUBG Corporation

It’s no revelation to say PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has done very well for itself. The game released last year and it quickly rose to prominence, sparking one of the biggest trends in recent years in the form of the Battle Royale genre. The game even did the unthinkable a few months ago and overtook Dota’s record as the game with the most concurrent players on at one time.

That’s not the only impressive thing the game is doing around Steam either as it seems the game has flown up the platform’s all-time chart. Speaking at a press presentation for Artifact yesterday, Newell revealed just how impressive PUBG‘s success has become. Despite it being out for less than a year, the title has become the third biggest seller in the platform’s history. As reported by IGN, he said:

You can have a relatively new game like PUBG, and […] they can capitalise on all the other multiplayer games, and all of the technology, [and] the fact that China is now a huge market for anybody who does PC game development. So PUBG can come out of pretty much nowhere and become the third largest selling game on Steam’s history. Their gross revenue over all-time is already number three in fairly short order.

That game’s rise is seriously impressive. It’s rare to see a game hit quite as hot as that title, especially from out of nowhere. Of course, we’ve been privy to it twice in a short time too with Fortnite‘s uber-successful Battle Royale mode. That being said, those two game’s fates are entwined somewhat. Either way, the industry is Battle Royale rampant right now, and with these statistics, it’s not hard to see why.