Nerd Food: The Beergarita at Papi's Tacos in Fells Point, Baltimore!

Nerd Food: The Beergarita at Papi’s Tacos in Fells Point, Baltimore!

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Papi’s Tacos in Fells Point, Baltimore, is a gem of a place. Right on Aliceanna Street, this casual dining spot is an ideal place to be on a Sunday afternoon, sipping on a margarita and eating a taco. But what if you want both a beer and a margarita? Well, why not try their Beergarita!

Dos Equis Lager with their frozen house made margarita. For $7, that’s not an awful deal either. We even got free chips and salsa, which are delightful. The drink was exactly what I needed after a long weekend, and it hit the spot. It was a refreshing treat, and it made me feel more relaxed than I’d been in a while. The lager overpowered the margarita taste, but it worked. I would drink this again.

Oh, and the bathrooms are plastered with pages from Mexican comic books.

Seriously — actual comics were harmed in the making of this bathroom. I was both delighted and horrified.

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