Justice League #40 Asks Which Side Are You On? And a New Look for Cyborg (SPOILERS)

Justice League #40 Asks Which Side Are You On? And a New Look for Cyborg (SPOILERS)

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Denny O’Neil and Neal AdamsGreen Lantern/Green Arrow #76 gave us a classic scene where the cosmic Green Lantern was brought down to street level, facing issues that has not impinged on his consciousness before, from poverty, to street crime, to race relations. And shown how out of touch he was.

This scene has been critiqued by some since, with an answer not given “No? How about every FREAKING TIME that I save the Earth!” Because those stories were told with broad brush strokes, points to be hammered home rather than detailed with a feather.

Today’s Justice League #40 is written by one of the true modern masters of the superhero form, Christopher Priest. And it begins with a scene reminiscent of what was discussed in that classic issue, but given far more debate, nuance, a clash of ideologies and pragmatism and a clock ticking…

…after a new design for Cyborg, of course, courtesy of The Fan. And artist Pete Woods. The second part of Justice Lost, dealing with fallout from the previous issue of Justice League. And something that takes his immediate attention.

And a chant of ‘Please go home, we don’t want you here’ targeted at the police, and the memory of the Ferguson protests also given voice. What’s a Superman to do?

Go home, it seems… with a Justice League dividing across the lines over their role and the perception of that role in such a situation.

Because whatever the governing body, from government to police to international superhero team, public perception is important to maintaining rule of law. As Lord Hewart CJ said in court, it is ‘of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.’

And, as we have seen in The People Vs Justice League, it is a lesson that the Justice League are increasingly not learning. One more step towards The Authority…

Which side are you on?

(W) Christopher Priest (A) Pete Woods (CA) David Yardin
“JUSTICE LOST” part two! Trapped aboard the crippled Watchtower, the combined Justice League and Justice League of America teams clash over leadership and the urgent question of who can be rescued…and who will be left behind. Meanwhile, the Green Lanterns face critical choices over how to deal with the League’s two most powerful figures!In Shops: Mar 07, 2018
SRP: $2.99

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