Floyd Mayweather is Trying to Make a Boxing Game

Floyd Mayweather is Trying to Make a Boxing Game

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In a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather said that he is trying to make a new boxing game.

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Boxing games are always great fun. Even though it’s not a sport I follow particularly closely, EA’s Fight Night series has always been a great little title to mess around in. That being said though, the franchise has laid dormant for quite some time. EA have seemingly thrown in with UFC in recent years, seemingly pushing boxing to the wayside. It means that last Fight Night game came all the way back in 2011. For boxing fans, it’s been a long ol’ wait for a good boxing game.

Well, it seems legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather is hopping in to try and pick up that slack. Speaking to TMZ, Mayweather revealed he has plans to make a boxing game that he can control. The details were pretty light so it’s not clear what to expect, but Mayweather did say that if a new Fight Night was to come out, he wouldn’t appear because he wants to own whatever he is a part of. He said:

Before I do anything, I have to have some ownership.

Again, past Maywether saying he wants to make a game, there aren’t really any extra details here. It’s not certain if this game would be on par with say a Fight Night or a mobile game, an area many celebrities have branched out to. That being said, I and I know many others would jump at the chance to play a great new current hardware boxing game. It seems if this ever does happen it is someway off though. Get comfy.

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