Hearthstone's Arena Draft Mode is Getting an Update This Month

Hearthstone’s Arena Draft Mode is Getting an Update This Month

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Hearthstone‘s Arena Draft Mode is getting updated this month, which will bring some interesting changes to the deck building challenge mode. As it stands, The Arena requires players to build a 30-card deck from a random selection of cards, and then go forth and battle other players to test their deck-building skills.

Because of the random nature of The Arena, the mode comes with its own unique strategies and offers a new way to play Hearthstone for players who are a bit sick of the traditional game modes.

However, because Hearthstone is a live game, the mode gets tweaked every now and again. And it looks like this month we’re getting some more changes to The Arena, according to the latest post on the Hearthstone blog.

Changes coming to the draft include:

  •  Each Arena pick will feature 3 cards of relatively equal power level, but different rarities. This means that the cards offered should all be strong choices, and it’s the player’s opportunity to select the one that is best for the deck they want to build.
  • If the option to select a Legendary card comes up, they will still appear in their own picks separate from the other rarities. However, they will be 3 Legendaries of approximately equal power level.
  • Picks 1, 10, 20, and 30 while building out a deck will continue to have a guaranteed Rare quality card or better among the options to choose from.
  • The chance to see class cards, spells, and weapons as options will stay the same, but the chance to see cards of below average value will decrease.

We’re also getting 9 class cards which were created just for the Arena. The cards were chosen by the attendees of BlizzCon 2017 and will go live with update 10.4.

Blizzard also released a video explaining the changes, which is hosted by Lead Systems Designer Kris Zierhut.

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