Legion Season 2: How the Time Jump Affects Syd and David's Relationship

Legion Season 2: How the Time Jump Affects Syd and David’s Relationship

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The second season of Legion is proving just as hard to get our heads around as the first season. The short little promos they have been releasing aren’t really helping either. A new one went up today and it’s just as vague as the others.

Since the promos aren’t telling us much maybe this new interview with star Dan Stevens on Collider will shed some light on the new season. There is going to be a time jump in this season, a full year in fact, but while it feels like a year to everyone else it turns out that it doesn’t feel like a year to David.

For David, it hasn’t been a year, so he’s getting his head around that, for a start. For everybody else, it’s been a year and a lot has happened in that year. David has had another strange experience. He thought his problems maybe were solved with the expulsion of the Shadow King, but actually, it’s not that simple. So, far less time has passed for David. When we find him, he’s coming to terms with a whole new bend on reality.

David’s entire perception of time is going to be off and that is a big deal. It’s very scary when you lose time and to be off nearly a year is a big deal. That is going to play a big role in his ongoing relationship with Syd. She spent a year hoping he was alive and now he turns up and says it hasn’t been a year to him.

That’s a really interesting shift and turn for their relationship. We do see a maturing and a deepening of that relationship, but the great issue of trust comes along. Anybody who gets into a relationship with somebody like David has to assume a certain amount of license with the truth, or certainly a perception of reality. In some of these situations, it seems that David is just flat-out lying, and even he’s not sure if he’s telling the truth some of the time. That complicates the relationship, for sure. They have to work through some of those issues together.

David and Syd’s relationship is one of the foundations that the show is built on. She saved his life in the previous season and she is often seen David’s reason for not giving up and sucoming to his own madness.

I think it’s always interesting to develop long-running romantic relationships with the classic will they or won’t they trajectory. This being Legion, it obviously takes a slightly different angle on that. It asks some quite complex questions about relationships. Putting David in a relationship with anybody is a fascinating dynamic, and you have the incredible obstruction with not being able to touch, so there are these psychic spaces that they continue to occupy. The mindplay that goes on in relationships is fascinating, and it fascinates Noah, as a writer. Putting that in our universe, it just gets weirder.

One of the fascinating aspects of Legion is watching David and Syd stumble around having a relationship with neither of them really sure how to approach it. It makes the “will they, won’t they” interplay, which is usually stale and boring, feel much more fresh and originals as we watch two human disasters try to accomplish it. We’re invested so let’s keep this crazy train rolling.

Summary: David Haller is a troubled young man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but after a strange encounter, he discovers special powers that will change his life forever.

Legion, created by Noah Hawley, stars Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris, and Amber Midthunder. Legion Season 2 will be released on April 3rd.

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