Sid Meier's Civilization VI Gets a New Developer Update Video

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Gets a New Developer Update Video

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2K and Firaxis have been updating Civilization VI since its release, with the game’s first expansion hitting last month. But now that Rise and Fall has had some time to sit at the top of Civ VI‘s update list, its time for some new changes to head to the game. Firaxis released their March 2018 Developer Update video today, which goes into what we can come to expect from the game in the coming weeks.

The video was hosted by Lead Designer Ed Beach, who takes us through the contents of a patch that will likely hit this month and brings a ton of features that have been requested by players. One of those is a set of UI updates that will make important information much easier to find on the HUD, they will also let you see what your allies are researching, and it will give some more in-game tips to explain the new systems added in Rise and Fall.

Oh, and you’ll also be able to see a timeline of your civilization once a game is completed.

As for upcoming balance ghanes, the Entertainment Complex is getting tweaked to make it more viable, we’ll also get some changes that will allow certain Dutch units to be placed next to hills. City-states will become more defensive, which should mean they get conquered by the opposing AI as frequently. The warmongering and loyalty systems are also getting some changes.

You can check out the March 2018 Developer Update video below.

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