Pokémon Cafe Opens in Japan, Because of Course It Needed to Happen

When we read this story and saw this was happening, we kind of asked ourselves, "Wait, why didn't this happen already?" You'd think in all the places in the world, Japan would have already opened their own Pokémon Cafe at least within the last decade. But its true, starting tomorrow (March 5th), you can book reservations to go eat at the first Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo all the way up to April 8th. There you can enjoy many a food item designed to look like Pokémon, because of course, they need to look like Pokémon. Not to mention snag some exclusive merchandise at the place that can only be bought at the cafe.

credit//Pokémon Cafe

The menu looks alright as you got a mix of soups, fruit dishes, salads, even a chicken burger with a bun that looks like Pikachu. I kid you not, look at the photo below as your food will stare back at you and say "Pika pi!" Its all reasonably priced, nothing you eat here will break the bank on your wallet if you're visiting Japan. The biggest hurdle you'll need to clear is getting a table booked. But if you're planning a trip to Japan way in advance, you might be able to score this visit.

credit//Pokémon Cafe

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