PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets a New Update With Key Changes

The devs for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just added a new update to the Xbox One version that is set to clear up a number of bugs. But it appears players may be more angry at the game for removing a specific element that they use to psyche themselves up before the game. The starting area has been changed so that different groups of players will appear in one of three special areas before the plane takes off, and all of the weapons have been removed so there’s no pre-match gunplay.

The update also removes a PUBG glitch that allowed players to revive themselves, where if you get knocked down and a teammate comes to help you up, all the teammate had to do was start the process then stand up and walk away, allowing the glitch to let you finish the countdown. We have some of the more prominent additions for you below, and the link above for you to check out the full glitch report that comes with this update.



  • Introduced multiple pre-match starting locations in order to optimize both server and game client performance
  • Weapons are removed from the starting island prior to the match starting
  • Game DVR is now supported for automatic recording of gameplay highlights. This feature must be enabled within the Options / Settings menu.
  • We continue to listen to your vehicle feedback and have lowered the damage taken from objects throughout the world such as rocks, trees, and uneven terrain
  • Adjusted the sound effects of both water and red-zone bombing
  • Party matchmaking is now influenced by the player’s MMR
  • Adjusted long-range blood VFX back to the original colors


  • Improved visibility of squad member colors (yellow, orange, blue and green)
  • Players can use the right thumbstick to rotate their character model during customization
  • When customizing character appearance, the D-Pad can be held to switch between menus
  • Preview is supported when customizing appearance or creating a new character


  • Updated the design of the energy drink

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