Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets a Cool Lightsaber Mod

You know what Kingdom Come: Deliverance was missing? Lightsabers. Of course, it was. Lucky for you, that's all been fixed with a brand new mod that allows you to change all of the swords into the weapon of the Jedi. To be clear, this isn't anything officially licensed by the developers at Warhorse Studios or anything Disney related Star Wars, this is simply a mod you can add to the game that will specifically change certain character's swords into blue, green, purple, and red glowing lightsabers for you to play out the action sequences with as well as do battle in the game. This video shows off the mod quite nicely.

Again, just as a reminder, this is nothing to do with Disney, so you're still going to hear the sound effects of the game with the swords hitting each other and slicing into people and chopping into other items and being put away like a normal sword. So if you're hoping to hear a bunch of sound effects or see sparks fly off the sabers when they hit each other, sorry kids, but these are not the lightsabers you're looking for. That being said, it puts a nice new sheen on Kingdom Come: Deliverance that's fun to look at.

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