Far Cry 5 Gets a Short “Bill Of Rights” Trailer from Ubisoft

There’s already a ton of weird stuff surrounding Far Car 5 and the game hasn’t even been released yet, but one of the strangest trailers Ubisoft has decided to release is this short 30-second trailer detailing your Bill Of Rights in the game. This is about as all-American, Fourth Of July, guns and ammo, filled with explosions and animal mauling that you would expect from an action film about patriotism, all summed up in a short video about all of the fun you can have in trying to save the mountain town of Hope County, Montana.

If you’re looking for plot or storyline reveals, don’t bother, this isn’t that kind of trailer. This is simply here to make you excited as you try to stop the religious cult in town from basically making the city theirs and preventing whatever plans they may have. But hey, we can’t really argue with the idea that you’ll be able to control several animals in the game in some fashion and use them against a bunch of crazy people. I mean, how many games let you command a mountain lion as a tool of death? The game will be released on March 27th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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