Infinity War S.H. Figuarts Figures Galore Coming This Year

Infinity War S.H. Figuarts figures are on their way, with eight figures announced and at least two more coming. These will be released from April through September of this year, along with a new Marvel figure stand in May. The eight figures shown off today are Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, and the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.

I am not really feeling that Cap face portrait. I am Team BeardCap forever, but it falls apart for me at the eyes. It just feels a little off. other than that the body and costume look amazing. I love the wash all over the figure. He comes out in May.

Iron Man Mark 50 looks like he will come with some awesome attachments. I wish there was a Tony head, but this one will still be a great figure. He comes out in June.

This Black Panther looks tremendous. The chest looks a little bulky in the standing pose, but in an action pose it looks perfect. I also love that it comes with swappable eyes without lenses. He hits in September.

Black Widow may have the best headsculpt of any of these. Every face portrait looks incredible, and this will probably end up being the definitive Scarlett Johanson. She comes out in July, and I can’t wait.

Spidey is in his Infinity War Iron Spider suit, and like the company’s other Spidey figures is super-articulated for just about any pose you can think of to get him in. Looks like he also comes with narrowing eyes to swap out. Spidey swings into collections in May.

Doctor Strange comes with a bunch of spell pieces and looks like he is going to be just as great as his original release from his own film. He comes out in April.

Star-Lord also hit stores in April, and besides a change in shirt, I am having a hard time figuring out where the differences may be between this release and his Guardians Vol. 2 one.

The main event is Thanos. I have very high hopes for this one, especially since he comes with the Infinity Gauntlet. It looks like it only comes in a closed fist, but I will hold out hope that it is also articulated. He will be mine when it comes out in June.

Finally we have a Marvel logo display stand. These are awesome, and I have been meaning to get more. With the cool red and Marvel logo, these will be all I get from now on for my Marvel figures. This comes out in May.

Keep an eye out for preorders for all of these starting next week. There was also a Winter Solider and Hulkbuster teased.

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