Geek Chic: The Betty and Veronica Jughead Beanie – Is It Iconic?

Geek Chic: The Betty and Veronica Jughead Beanie – Is It Iconic?

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As you know, I have an obsession with Jughead Jones. For 28+ years he’s been my absolutely favorite comic book character, and as you also know… I have the crown tattooed on me. My love runs deep.

Recently I reviewed both the Hot Topic and Spencer’s Jughead beanies, so naturally when I saw that Betty and Veronica had released a beanie of their own, I threw real money at my computer screen while crying. Life’s funny like that.

For starters, the hat is crazy soft and sturdy. It’s much sturdier than the Hot Topic counterpart, yet still more comfortable than the one from Spencer’s. The design is a nice, updated look. However, instead of the red and white buttons, we have a sewn-on patch that says Betty and Veronica. Personally, I would have rather had the red-and-white pins, but this is a nice alternative. The beanie fits rather snug, though, and while it fits me just right, my boyfriend found it too tight and uncomfortable. So, this hat is simply not for everyone. But if you collect Jughead beanies, this is a solid investment.

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