Dan Watters, the New Writer on Lucifer, Can Smile – Honest

This photo from Entertainment Weekly, showing the writers of the upcoming The Sandman Universe curated imprint of books based on Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman from DC Comics, was a little on the dour side.

Was this a remake of The Addams Family?

Was this an intervention from family and friends who have had enough, and are very disappointed with you? Stop smiling, Darren — this is serious?

Or did they think this was a perfume photoshoot?

Anyway, last night I found myself in the pub with Dan Watters of Limbo and Deep Roots, who happens to be the new writer of Lucifer. And I took a photo, just to prove that he can smile.

Even though he can’t open his eyes when doing so…

Congrats, Dan. And yes, for those counting, Dan was born two years after Sandman was first published. You may begin shuddering now.

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