3D Realms Newest Game is a FPS Throwback Called Ion Maiden

3D Realms has shown off and released an early access version of its newest title Ion Maiden, which is a brand new title built on an old engine.

ion maiden

The Doom and Duke Nukem style FPS were very much ‘of their time’. They can be a little hard to go back to now but were essential in building the foundations for what the genre is today. id Software and 3D Realms really were some of the grandfathers of some of the biggest games today, and they are both still out there doing work today. id Software blew everyone out of the water with DOOM in 2016, and now it seems 3D Realms are back in the game with a new title.

The publisher is certainly going for something different though, taking us back to those older days, rather than updating the formula for now. They’ve just announced Ion Maiden, being developed by Voidpoint, which is built on the Build engine from the 90s (the engine that made Duke Nukem famous). The idea is to utilise old tech to make an authentically nostalgic game, but bring in modern sensibilities in terms of design and features. It’s a fascinating little idea, and you can see it in motion in this new trailer.

You can already pick up the game in early access, so if you want to get your hands on, have at it. This version will have a smaller campaign, with a full release coming later in the year.  It really does look neat and it will be interesting to see how this tech is utilised in the world of 2018. Game design has come a long way, so while it will look and feel familiar, I bet this will be pretty unique.