Pathfinder Will Soon Be Coming To The Roll 20 App

Good news for Pathfinder fans who have been looking for more digital tools to use in the game, as Roll 20 will bring the role-playing game to their app along with Starfinder. The company has officially started taking pre-orders for Crownfall, the first volume launching the Pathfinder War for the Crown adventure, which will become available to Pro subscribers on March 6th and free to all subscribers on March 21st. More volumes and Starfinder content will come out the rest of the year. Below are a couple quotes from the company as well as some images from the game content for you to check out. Ultimately, this is a good move for both companies as Pathfinder has served as an alternative to other tabletop RPGs, so the fit is natural.

credit//Roll 20

“The Roll20 community has been vocal for years about wanting official Pathfinder support on our platform and we are very excited to start providing it,” said Nolan T. Jones, Managing Partner of Roll20. “The added benefit of getting to be part of the already successful first voyages of the Starfinder universe only makes this better.” 

“I’m a huge fan of virtual tabletops and look forward to bringing the amazing stories and art of the Pathfinder and Starfinder games to Roll20,” said Jim Butler, VP of Marketing and Licensing for Paizo.

credit//Roll 20
credit//Roll 20

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