Jonathan Hickman Takes the Marvel Comics Shilling?

It looks like Jonathan Hickman may have signed his next contract with Marvel Comics — but we understand that previously he was all ready to go at DC Comics.

jim lee jonathan hickman
Photo by Kendall Whitehouse

The switch came down to a number of things. C.B. Cebulski as Marvel’s new Editor-in-Chief was a major reason for Hickman to change his mind about Marvel.

But at DC Comics, he was planning to write the new Legion of Super-Heroes series. However, I understand that there were internal delays, with Geoff Johns having specific characters and teams that are off the table until Doomsday Clock concludes, and that series has been getting a lot later, switching from monthly to bi-monthly.

And they included Justice Society, Captain Marvel, the Legion, and more.

Marvel Comics committed to a multi-book deal, considerable creative control… and getting on with it sooner.

Might we get an announcement at ECCC? Maybe. You never know…

UPDATE: Jonathan is careful with his wording. And we will endeavour to find a better photo.

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